Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ferries' arrest confirms that victims have no rights


In Leistershire, a couple were arrested for grevious bodily harm after two burglars were shot in the legs.

read about Earl Jones shooting a burglar
In Kentucky, 92-year-old Earl Jones (right, no relation to the Ponzi scheme seller of the same name) is hailed nationally after shooting dead one of the three intruders who tried to burgle his home. To date he hasn’t been arrested.

Although the English victims, Andy and Tracey Ferrie, have their names splashed all over the press, very little information has emerged about the burglars, who are in police custody.

What I want to know about them is:

  • have they been suspects for other burglaries?
  • How many times have they been arrested?
  • If found guilty, were they imprisoned?
  • What steps have been taken towards their rehabilitation and reintegration into society?

Poor penal handling might be an underlying cause of the burglars’ offending (and it should be remembered the Ferries have been burgled four times). New Labour pledged to deal with "underlying causes" in its 1997 "victory" manifesto in the famous passage pledging to be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". What they did was create an army of workers who did little more than amass statistics while placing more and more duties on an already overloaded Probation Service.

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British Freedom’s 20-point plan states that "criminals should fear the consequences of their behaviour". I’m not necessarily saying that every burglar should be shot, but surely consequences of breaking and entering include being faced with whatever comes to hand to householders?

The Leicestershire Constabulary’s reaction to the Ferries’ desperate measures shows that the Coalition have nothing to alter Labour’s implicit position that human rights pertain only to perpetrators, not the victims.

I’m not proposing that criminals should have no rights, merely pointing out that, in Kentucky, the surviving criminals will surely find their minds concentrated when tempted to burgle again. Surely a win-win?

Gerry Dorrian
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Read about the Ferries' arrest at telegraph.co.uk

Read about Earl Jones defending himself in Kentucky, US - includes video interview with the WWII veteran

>Click to go to British Freedom’s 20-point plan

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