Saturday, 26 January 2013

they should have listened to Khalid Mahmoud

Birmingham's authorities should have listened to Khalid Mahmood, when the Labour Birmingham MP complained in 2009 that there were over 40 madrassas where children learnt the rudiments of the Muslim faith from teachers who are not subject either to official oversight or to CRB checks.

Now 18-year-old Birmingham madrassa alumnus, Adil Rashid, has been found guilty of having groomed and raped a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook, AND escaped prison.

His defence lawyer, Laban Leake of Furnival Chambers, lists as his specialist practice areas "Serious Crime, Regulation/Compliance, Prison Law, Health & Safety, Courts Martial, Inquests & Public Inquiries"; was he out of his depth defending a paedophile? It certainly seems strange to allege that Rashid had "a degree of sexual naivety" because of his madrassa training when he knew enough to wear a condom when having sex with the 13-year-old girl.

Judge Michael Stokes says it was unusual for Rashid to have been taught that a woman resembles "a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground". Islamists would recognise the analogy: you buy a lollipop for pennies for short-term pleasure, but if it’s fallen on the ground it’s worthless and needs to be binned.

However, the complexity of the situation is shown by the fact that madrassas’ chief critic, Mahmood, is himself a Muslim and comes under fire frequently from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) for his integrationist stance. As British Freedom says: it’s about culture.

And culture is what perhaps led Stokes to intimate that the adult had been "seduced" by the 13-year-old child, who was "quite happy to engage in sexual activity". We must target Muslim paedophiles; but would the judge have dreamt of making such comments, or treating Adil with kid gloves, had his victim come from the leafy avenues of suburbia?

Gerry Dorrian
300 words

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Scroll down to the 7th paragraph from the bottom of this Daily Mail article for a comparison of men to gold and women to silk, and you'll get an idea why the rapist was told that women are "like lollipops"

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

snow, stoppage, disempowerment

In the winter of 1984-85, it snowed in Rome. This is significant because it was the area’s first snowfall for over a decade. The region did not fall apart, and bus services were only disrupted for half-an-hour while snow-chains were gotten out of storage and put on wheels.

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Fast-forward to Great Britain in 2010, when Labour’s Maria Eagle noted in Parliament that due to snowfall "the country is in chaos, with passengers forced to sleep at stations, freezing all night on broken-down trains or getting trapped in their cars, all at a cost to the economy of up to £1.2 billion a day".

The snowfall had been 2-3 inches. I remember as a boy in Scotland going to school when the snow was up to my knees. Admittedly my knees were closer to the ground then, but they were significantly higher than 3 inches. Buses ran, train users had no fear of the wrong kind of snow and we all knew it wouldn’t be for long because it never is.

But now when the snow falls – as it does most years – an increasing amount of state workers go home early with their employers’ blessings, and many don’t bother going out in the first place. I don’t totally blame individuals, because over the last two decades our largely-unelected Establishment has attempted to control us through a state disempowerment agency encouraging us to see ourselves not as empowered individuals but as contingent upon external forces over which we had no control, like viruses, disease processes, population growth, and the like.

And weather, despite the fact that most years it snows around this time. If you’re able to, get out and do your shopping, and check up on friends and neighbours who are less able. We are disempowered only to the degree we allow ourselves to be.

Charles Bond
300 words

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


click to watch Utopia on 4od

With deniable international organisations, biological warfare, a questionable vaccine and a sleepy (programmed?) torturer's henchman, Utopia is shaping up to be quite satisfactory as far as conspiracy porn goes. All it needs is a posse of Freemasons dancing the can-can, and cries of "House!" on conspiracy bingo will ring out nationwide.

Not that I wouldn’t recommend Utopia. Its research in several areas is solid: for example when two people who have unknowingly stumbled on a dire secret are charged with sex offences concerning minors. David Bellamy recently told the Mail that when the BBC declared him persona non grata because he changed his mind about the anthropogenic origins of climate change he was branded a paedophile – on the grounds that climate change harms children.

The thing about conspiracy, however, is that it generally doesn’t happen in sinister smoky rooms behind closed doors, rather in the one place where it is guaranteed to arouse the least attention: in plain sight.

Consider: since 2004, a program has been in place to change the makeup of the population of Great Britain, with the blessing of the left-liberal media, which brands anybody objecting to the measure, which has never appeared in any electoral manifesto, as "far-right". When members of a particular group of incomers commit a crime – including murder and rape – they can only be imprisoned after a far higher burden of proof has been satisfied than would apply to other suspects. People who object to this are routinely raided, harassed and even imprisoned without charge.

While much that is disreputable occurs sub rosa, many conspiracy theorists worry far too much about what might be going on in the Lodge or Synagogue. When they look, blinking, into the light of day and the abuses carried out therein, they will commence their journey from the stereotypes portrayed in The X-Files and Utopia and start to grow up.

Charles Bond
300 words

Please do take The Utopia Test" and look at the additional information - very useful and revealing!

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Monday, 14 January 2013

EDL Cambridge 2013: why I'll be marching

The Cambridge News has published an article on how the so-called Unite Against Fascism plans to oppose an English Defence League march in Cambridge on 23 February. The photo shows them with a banner ridiculing EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment for travelling to the US with somebody else’s passport.

They seem not to have reflected on, say, Abu Qatada, who entered the UK on forged papers in 1993 and has been here ever since. Or indeed the Afghan hijackers who were given permanent leave to stay.

Personally, I’ll be marching with the EDL in Cambridge, because I object to a two-tier system where people who have never contributed to this country and even conspire to destroy it get to reap its full benefits, while Tommy Robinson was kept in solitary confinement as a category A prisoner before being convicted.

I’ll be marching because no City or County councillor ever consulted the public about the Mill Road supermosque, while plans for another Synagogue and a meeting room for Sikhs encounter obstacles constantly, and changes in bus routes to outlying villages often ignore Christians who wish to attend worship on Sundays.

And I’ll be marching because people who came here to escape oppressive regimes and ideologies don’t want to see their sons radicalised and their daughters mutilated and imprisoned in burqas, but face being ostracised and worse by their communities if they speak out themselves.

One of the groups opposing us is Cambridgeshire Race Equality and Diversity Service, an extraordinary title implying race is real, instead of a malicious fiction constructed to justify slavery, eugenics and prejudice. I’ll be marching with the EDL as one multiculturalist with many, because in this city that has already produced a terror attack we need to leave the two-tiered system to the two-faced, and get on with living side-by-side with each other as equals under the law of the land.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words

Sunday, 13 January 2013

after Savile, what's lurking in Hertfordshire?

With the revulsion surrounding Jimmy Savile’s abuse-crusade throughout the country, we have a chance like no other to investigate institutional paedophilia and sexual abuse within our midst.

But to what extent is the Establishment willing to take the opportunities offered?

The Socialist Workers’ Party recently held a "Sharia-style court" over a rape claim; in a well-written article, former member Tom Walker explains his resignation from the party: because the "DIY investigation" would "corrupt the evidence".

So why is the BBC being allowed to simultaneously mount THREE enquiries into its own conduct relating to Savile? Surely by the end of these important pieces of evidence will be not only corrupted but unintelligible to Operation Yewtree?

The problem abusive organisations investigating their abuse was brought up over the weekend with was a call into the Any Answers programme about investigating abuse by state employees. Former social worker "Sarah" called from Hertfordshire to talk about her colleague, a child protection worker whose job was to protect children in the care of Herts social services.

When he tried to bring an investigation into historical sexual abuse of people with disabilities cared for in homes and NHS facilities, he was the subject of a campaign of bullying as part of a cover-up by his managers, who all went on to have “glittering careers” while her colleague now suffers chronic mental health.

Anita Anand: click to view biography
At this point host Anita Anand [right] became flustered and cut Sarah off dead.

Did a producer growl in her ear, of did she have a list of keywords to trigger a cut-off? What miseries are crying out for reparation from Hertfordshire, waiting to terminate glittering careers?

Given how deeply protection of paedophilia and even the crime itself are embedded in the Establishment, we may never see a better time to have these questions answered than now.

Charles Bond
300 words

Click here for the Any Answers Radio 4 show, available until 18 January 2013 - call referred to starts at 28m25s.

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

socialists groomed a nation, Savile filled his boots

Telegraph on Savile: click to read more

The Times on Savile
Papers this weekend are running with the narrative that Jimmy Savile "groomed a nation". He did not. He merely reaped the efforts of socialist efforts to sexualise children in order to overturn Judaeo-Christian sexual ethics, so removing the traditional family from the centre of civilised society.

The process started with Marxists Antonio Gramsci and György Lukács, founder members of the Frankfurt School.

Gramsci formulated the concept of cultural hegemony, saying that it wasn’t enough to take over factories; socialism had to inhabit people’s minds. Lukács was already up and running with the praxis, with the world’s first sex-education programme in Hungary in 1919, in the name of “annihilation of the old values”.

The Mirror on Savile
Cultural hegemony is alive and well and is known now as political correctness –it’s a politicised cognitive behavioural therapy, using our language to change our ways of thinking. Children, for example, are routinely referred to as young people or even "little adults", with all the attendant rights, including sexual ones. Lukács’ sex-ed rationale has been given legs by the unelected left-liberal Establishment beyond his wildest dreams, with repeated attempts to visit abusive sex-ed upon infants.

And how child-sexualisers have thrived.

Harriet Harman was legal officer for the Council for Civil Liberties when that body included the Paedophile Information Exchange; she took up the post in 1976, knowing two years earlier the CCL had advised the Government that peadophilia does not always damage children. She’s now Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. Her colleague Margaret Hodge oversaw Islington Borough Council when its care homes were infested by paedophiles pretending to be gay men. Tony Blair made her Minister for Children in 2003.

The narrative that Savile groomed the nation implies we were all to blame. We were not. Savile was the beast, but child-sexualising socialists ensured his rape-rooms were always full.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

targets and psychopaths

The Selfish Gene: read reviews at amazon
The Government is showing signs of softening public-sector targets, but the Establishment is so steeped in target culture it fails to see that targets themselves cause the problem.

Adoption of targets by politicians grew from Richard Dawkins' application of game theory to evolutionary biology in The Selfish Gene, where he proposes "evolutionary stable strategies" formed when individuals act as "doves" and "hawks" in various situations in order to maximise the gains to themselves by helping the community attain goals, eg get food or minimise conflict.

The Psychopath Test: read reviews at amazon
Hawks and doves are redolent of corporate carnivore Al Dunlop's "predator" and "prey" vocabulary when interviewed by Jon Ronson for The Psychopath Test. Ross discovers that there are proportionally more psychopaths in stratospheric management layers than in prisons. And as big money migrated to top public sector jobs, so damaged, damaging people followed it.

Adam Curtis’ documentary The Lonely Robot examines how target-setting based on game theory greatly excited politicians since The Selfish Gene appeared. Margaret Thatcher doubted the practice’s validity, but John Major took it up and Tony Blair embraced it. If you set targets for organisations and leave them to attain them however they choose, the theory goes, the best outcomes for everybody involved will result. In practice we got ambulances reclassified as hospital wards, trolleys as beds and "hello nurses" to satisfy Casualty admission targets: I would add that the whole sorry mess reached its nadir with the corporate massacre at Stafford in the name of targets.

Linda Mealey: go to her website
Linda Mealey (left) and Stuart Kinner write in Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Theory of Mind that "psychopaths are 'designed' by natural selection to be…highly effective at securing resources through deception, force and social manipulation." Define resources as monopoly-money salaries, golden handshakes and funny-money pension pots and you have a picture of the upper echelons of our public services.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


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