Friday, 31 May 2013

a message to Cambridge Unite Against Fascism (CUAF)

Tomorrow, 1 June 2013, the English Defence League in Cambridge will lead a walk to the War Memorial on Hills Road to lay flowers in memory of Gunner Lee Rigby.

We did not intend for this to be made public; we wished it to be a quiet, private event. But it’s been leaked, and the Cambridge News seems to be giving out more heat than light about it.

I would like to point out two things that the English Defence League and Unite against Fascism have in common.

Firstly, both of us have been less than complimentary about each other, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Secondly, neither of us wanted Lee Rigby to die.

I would like to offer a hand of friendship across no-mans-land for the duration of tomorrow. We merely wish to place flowers on a War Memorial, something I do not recall as having been controversial in the past.

We may not like each other, but we are sharing Cambridge tomorrow, as well as many people who are not allied to either group and merely wish to have a pleasant day in Cambridge, either at Strawberry Fair or elsewhere.

May I suggest that on 1 June you do your thing and we do ours, separately?

Gerry Dorrian

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

don't dismiss Anonymous, their hands are dripping with blood

Reading about the Peasant’s Revolt, in which society flew apart under punitive taxation to pay for cronyism and wars, what struck me was how much historians’ access to events of June 1381 is hampered not by distance, but the deliberate muddling of contemporaneous records.

Rosa Parks: click to read more
In the age of mass media you don’t need to torch the Savoy to make a point. Considering that in 1955 Rosa Parkes (right) needed only not to rise from her seat to start a cultural revolution that’s still rolling, the fecundity of Gunner Lee Rigby’s martyred blood becomes comprehensible.

You wouldn’t think it to look at the mainstream media, though; press gagging orders seem to be doing the same job Revolt chronicler Thomas Walsingham achieved with misinformation. How else to explain the silence on how the Metropolitan Police forced an unrelated Sikh protest (about Professor Bhullar) between an EDL protest and the UAF counter-protest?

So I don’t believe "hacktivists" Anonymous’ entry is a coincidence. Styling themselves as hidden masters, they say that they’ll target the EDL for trying to segregate Muslims. I wonder if reactionary Establishment forces have brought them in to erase online mentions of our policy of peaceful protest in pursuit of multiculturalism and integration?

Just look at the logo at the end of their message to the EDL:

click for Anonmous' Message to the EDL

Anonymous and its partners, Lulszec and Wikileaks, are dripping in blood through their manipulation of Arab Spring conflicts. The death-tolls in just two countries affected are 70,000 in Syria, 30,000 in Libya.

Anonymous live by Stalin’s dictum that "one death is a tragedy, one million a statistic". But I hope anybody opposing us who finds a hit-list (because that’s what Anonymous are talking about) in their hand ponders the words of another era's revolutionary, Oliver Cromwell: "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken", then researches us while materials are still available.

Gerry Dorrian
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Sitting Down: the story of Rosa Parks

Sikhs protest for Prof Bhullar, crossfire cleared up by the EDL:

Who Is Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar? - India Real Time

Anonymous' Message to EDL:

Syria death toll probably at 70,000, U.N. human rights official says - CNN

Libya death toll hits 30,000" - Mirror

"our minds and consciousness consumed by current scenes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya" - AnonNews - Everything Anonymous

Click for a review of The Peasants' Revolt: England's Failed Revolution on

Sunday, 26 May 2013

EDL Newcastle demo: RIP Drummer Lee Rigby

the banner says it all - click for Flickr

The Mail, never slow to heap abuse on the EDL, merely carried a muted statement that the Newcastle demo on Saturday 25 May had "passed off without major incident".

The police were great. Many are ex-military, and looked as angry as us. It was also great to see veterans proudly displaying their medals among the 1,500-2000 protesters, and there were several serving Forces members present – for obvious reasons.

1500-2000 people attended - click for Flickr

What grated was that during a minute's silence for Drummer Rigby, all the so-called Unite Against Fascism round the corner could do was chant "Nazi scum, off our streets". I don’t know why I expected more; people who defend the ideology that killed Drummer Rigby will sink to anything.

Tommy Robinson extemporised an impassioned speech in which he was careful to warn us that we must discern the difference between Muslims and Islam, reminding us that Muslims serve in our armed forces. In the run-up to the demo, which has been planned for months, Tommy has received many death-threats on Twitter; the ones I’ve seen threatened to decapitate his family.

Kev Carroll recited a poem about Lee’s death; by the end he was weeping and so were many of us. An activist from our LGBT division told how Jihadists in East London were now boasting, after a campaign of violence and intimidation with the blessing and assistance of the UAF, that it was a "gay-free area". So much for diversity, then.

Kev Carroll speaking about Drummer Lee Rigby - click for Flickr

Every single speaker exhorted us to respect Lee’s memory by ensuring that the demo didn’t turn violent. It didn’t, thank God. We are all angry, and our task now is to take our anger to the ballot-box at the next general election and, if our political classes aren’t getting domestic terrorism sorted using measures already on the statute-book, vote accordingly.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words

View more Newcastle demo pics on Flickr

In Memoriam: Drummer Lee Rigby - Poems Noticed

Bud, Britain's bravest police horse, returns to duty after being punched by football thug - Daiy Mail

Friday, 24 May 2013

we're more than "sickened"; we're gripped by existential rage

I don’t advocate any violence. I don’t want anyone to go out and burn a mosque…It’s not the answer, because there will be innocent Muslims and you are then as bad as these scumbags who are doing it [terrorism].

The words are those of Tommy Robinson, English Defence League founder.

In an obscene desolation of responsibility, following the brutal execution of Drummer Lee Rigby by Jihadists the EDL has come in for unprecedented condemnation by the mainstream media, and given the cauldrons of bile usually reserved for us that’s saying something.

Worse still, an 83-year-old woman who shouted "go back to your own country" outside a mosque has been arrested by Kent Police. I don’t imagine her words would have been easy for worshippers to hear, but two-tier Britain, where people who protest against British policy in Afghanistan are allowed close enough to returning troops to spit on them, is seriously eroding the tolerance of the British people.

David Cameron spoke for the nation when he said the Woolwich execution "sickened us all". But he didn’t join the last dot. We are more than sick: we are gripped by existential rage at the utter failure, at the highest political levels, to tackle the Islamism which blights Muslim communities with the rest of us not far behind.

Some commentators say the death of one white man in London pales before the numbers of black men dying there. They may have a valid point, but they miss the equally valid point that Lee Rigby represented the Forces defending us, and by extension us, in this war by any other name.

Captain Dreyfus didn’t even have to die for his case to turn France upside down and inside out. This is a defining moment. I hope that cooler heads in the Police Force will see that the upcoming EDL demo in Newcastle will dissipate far more pressure than it causes, and that without the safety-valve we provide Lee Rigby’s death might well have ignited England as surely as mark Duggan’s did London.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words (minus quote)

Tommy Robinson video reacting to Woolwich execution: "I don't advocate any violence..." section starts at 28:30. Watch below, or click to watch on YouTube

Woman, 85, arrested after abuse hurled at Muslims outside Gillingham mosque in wake of Woolwich terror murder - Kent online

David Cameron: Woolwich attach "sickened us all" - Telegraph

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dispatches: The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs

The latest Dispatches documentary, The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs, was always going to be hard-hitting. The fact it was broadcast when the nation was reeling from the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby by Islamists in Woolwich made it doubly so.

What enraged me was the cynical methods paedophiles’ defence lawyers use to terrify victims into incoherence: one police officer spoke of these vulnerable, abused girls being "retraumatised, revictimised and violated" in court. I’m sure she was speaking advisedly – one girl spoke of cross-examination as like being raped again.

Charlene Downes:
Another police officer spoke of the danger of being perceived to be racist, when all he wanted to do was to put predatory paedophiles in jail. Putting aside the fact that there’s no such thing as race, it was obvious that the rapists were of shared ethnicity. Not every abuser is a Muslim and not every Muslim is an abuser; nevertheless, as senior police officials recover from fits of cultural sensitivity like that which scuppered the trial of Charlene Downes’ (right) groomers and killers, arrests for trafficking (which can result in more convictions than rape as it takes distorted issues surrounding consent out of the question) are soaring. The Office of the Children’s Commissioner has estimated that up to 10,000 children in Britain may be affected by sexual exploitation by gangs and groups.

And where those gangs and groups are street-based, chances are that they will be composed predominantly, if not exclusively, of Muslims. I don’t want to vilify people on account of their ethnicity or religion, I merely want children to be free to have a childhood. And, as English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has said, Muslims are free to take to the street to point the finger at their co-religionists who rape children and kill soldiers. And say, “not in my name”.

Gerry Dorrian
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Dispatches: The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs webpage

Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG) - The Children's Commissioner for England

Watch The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs on 4oD

Watch Tommy Robinson speak on the Woolwich terrorist attacks, the EDL's response and other issues below, or click here to view on YouTube.

Click for English Defence League website

Monday, 20 May 2013

Wagner Week on BBC Radio 3

click to go the the Wagner Week homepage
Wagner having been born on May 22 1813, BBC Radio 3 is devoting a week to the man whose works are totemic amongst left-wing intelligentsia everywhere.

I don’t object to his music, I find some of it sublime. And film-scores from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings would be all the poorer without his influence, even though he himself inherited the Leitmotif from Berlioz. I’m sure his chordal progressions – for example in Ride of the Valkyries – informed rock’s metamorphosis into psychedelia and thence to proto-metal; one might even say no Wagner, no Iron Maiden.

What grates is the interminable histrionic caterwauling and bellowing his music often accompanies. Even Richard Dawkins, who you’d think would be a fan of the concept of the old gods fading before German Idealism’s new man, can only bring himself to say in The God Delusion that "Wagner’s music is better than it sounds".

Of more interest to me personally is The Essay this week, featuring philosophers analysing Wagner’s relationship to the thinkers who informed his world and whose worlds he informed. It’s a shame it’s only 15 minutes per night: if he’d had longer, perhaps Roger Scruton could have went into how Kant sent the modern world down the path to post-modernism by standing on the shoulders of British philosophe David Hume, who set the ball rolling by abolishing any availability of real things to our senses.

Hitler as a Wagnerian Grail Knight: read more
I’ll be interested how Radio 3 treats the H-word – Wagner’s place on the runaway train that led to Hitler, the Nazis and the Shoah. Perhaps Burkhard Kosminski, whose Nazi-themed production of Tannhäuser was closed down by Deutsche Oper am Rhein for its “extreme impact”, will turn out in the end to have placed Wagner in the most appropriate context: where the runaway train crashed.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


The Essay: Wagner and German Idealism part 1 of 5 of Wagner and the Philosophers, BBC Radio 3

Composer of the Week: Wagner and his World part 1 of 5, BBC Radio 3

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Clik to read the story of the above painting, Adolf Hitler as a Grail Knight like those in Parzival, at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Sunday, 19 May 2013

let the England fans sing "No surrender to the IRA"

I used to work in a hotel for disabled guests in Lourdes, and one week a pilgrimage from Glasgow came in, so I invited two Irish women I worked with to come and meet some people I knew. When we went into their hotel’s bar we found a Scottish priest of my acquaintance marching on a tabletop, leading a riotous group in IRA rebel songs. Disgusted, my friends turned on their heels and I followed.

It was 1991, the year the IRA bombed 10 Downing Street and Victoria Station, and also murdered a man in Dundalk in the Republic leading to anti-IRA marches there. I hope my anecdote shows that not all Irish people are IRA supporters.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding Britain and Ireland’s joined and sometimes unhappy history. For example, when Irish historian Tom Reilly looked into Drogheda during Oliver Cromwell’s invasion – regarding which Irish history textbooks say his forces "slaughtered the entire population" - he traced contemporary records kept by Irish people in which there’s not one mention of an ununiformed Irish civilian being killed.

go to the England football site at
So I’m surprised that England manager Roy Hodgson has stepped into the fray by asking England fans not to sing No surrender to the IRA at the friendly with the Republic of Ireland on May 29. For one thing singing it isn’t a criminal offence, and for another the popular Irish football song A Soldier’s Song is the equivalent sentiment – and it’s the Republic’s national anthem. Nation Once Again is the same, and in this 2012 clip of two heavily disguised Ireland supporters you can hear one shout "Up the RA!" at the end.

Will Irish fans be asked not to sing provocative songs? If not then Roy Hodgson should concentrate on football, and FIFA needs to learn that such situations let more pressure out than they create.

Gerry Dorrian
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1991 in the Northern Ireland conflict - Conflict Archive on the Internet from Ulster University

Cromwell: The Irish Question - Tom Reilly, History Today

Hodgson tells fans to cut out anti-IRA songs at Ireland Friendly - Telegraph

A Soldier's Song - words and music at

Watch and listen to Nation Once Again or click here to view on YouTube

Saturday, 18 May 2013

the fascist campaign against UKIP has begun

There are two ways to view Nigel Farage’s ill-treatment by the thugs of the Radical Independence Campaign.

The proximate cause is that UKIP is a real threat to the Scottish National Party’s predominance in the Scottish Parliament. This predominance owes its existence to the mass of Scottish working-class voters abandoned by the Labour Party who, for better or worse, cannot bring themselves to vote Conservative. UKIP’s participation in Scottish elections mean that the SNP is no longer the only populist non-Labour, non-Conservative party on the block.

However, for a fuller explanation of what was really behind the RIC riot we need to look back to March, to the conference of the so-called Unite Against Fascism. One of the themes of the conference was that "Ukip Must Not Be Allowed To Influence Politics And Immigration" (my italics).

Goebbels: read more and compare to present day
This is the language of fascism. Modern fascism might have rounded corners and polished voices, but its message is still the same: "believe what you want – within the limits we set for you". All three main parties – the lib-lab-con trick who kick the ball to each other to create an illusion of democracy – buy into this view to some extent: witness the junta of party chiefs and unelected Hacked Off members meeting to draft legislation which they hoped would muzzle our free press. Goebbels (right) couldn’t have done a better job.

I’m pretty sure that if there’s an investigation into how and why knuckle-dragging RIC stormtroopers were mobilised the SNP will be implicated at high levels, as well as other parties who feel threatened UK-wide by UKIP. For these reasons, I’m also pretty sure there will be no such investigation. But be in no doubt: the forces of fascism that have uninterruptedly consolidated their power over the British Establishment since 1997 are on the move.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


'Scottish nationalists are fascist scum': Nigel Farage hounded by mob says they were driven by hatred of the English - Daily Mail

GERALD WARNER: Yes, Scottish nationalism DOES have an ugly face - Daily Mail

UAF Conference: Ukip Must Not Be Allowed To Influence Politics And Immigration - Huffington Post

Hacked Off's blackmail letter to Miliband - Guido Fawkes

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Oxford paedophile grooming ring: what about the British institutions protecting them?

The prosecutions of Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce cost the taxpayer in total over £147,500.

Over 700 parliamentary hours were spent debating hunting legislation.

The ongoing investigations into the Andrew Mitchell "Plebgate" affair will take up 3,000 police hours investigating 800 potential witnesses.

My point? Look at the latest child paedophile ring trial, in Oxford. Police and prosecution seem only to have taken the case on because of public fury over the predominance of Muslims in street grooming gangs. There’s certainly more anger over this than over who put the pedal to the metal, how foxes die and who said what at the Downing Street gates. But we don’t yet know how much the prosecutions cost, how much parliamentary time has been spent on Muslim paedophile gangs, and how many police hours were spent interviewing how many witnesses.

The Telegraph – whose article started on the front page then continued on page 4, being trumped by The Great Gatsby ballet, H&M bras and a Facebook party – quotes Mohammed Shafiq of the Ranmadhan foundation as saying that "The majority of Asians from all backgrounds abhor these crimes". Misusing "Asian" as a synonym for "Muslim" is commonplace, but if you go to the press release, Shafiq never actually used the word "Asian". So why did the Telegraph insert it?

The same depressing pattern emerges that Kris Hollington identifies in Unthinkable: girls contacted police and social services who, presumably for reasons of cultural sensitivity, sent them back to be raped. Like primary-school teachers in Islington who did nothing while their charges were forced into marriages, the Mail - in my opinion our only trustworthy national paper - reports that four out of five Oxford social workers knew about the girls’ suffering.

Our child protection system collapses, selectively, depending on the ethnicity of perpetrators. We need to keep up pressure on parliament, police, prosecutors and the press to stop defending abusers.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


'You have fallen from a great height': Judge jails Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce for eight months over speeding point scandal - London Evening Standard

The banned rode on -

"Plebgate" grilling: Police chiefs to spend 3,000 hours quizzing 800 cops over row -

Grooming of teenagers is evil and unacceptable to all - The Ramadhan Foundation

Asian grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on children -

Police chief constable and council chief executive refuse to stand down despite catalogue of errors in Oxford sex ring scandal - Daily Mail

Unthinkable - 300 words

Sunday, 5 May 2013

a growing storm? Unthinkable.

A growing storm surrounds Kris Hollington’s Unthinkable, an exposé of how denial, prejudice and the law of unintended consequences gone mad over decades perfected conditions for the grooming and rape of girls by predominantly Pakistani abusers.

Following a review by my associate, "Frugal Dougal" pointed out on Amazon that towards the end of the book Hollington undergoes "an intellectual and moral breakdown" in pointing the finger at patriots for doing the very thing he says he wants – getting angry.

view Kris Hollington's profile at Simon & Schuster
I don’t condemn Mr Hollingworth (right). My associate describes an "existential abyss" resulting from hearing one case of a mother pimping a daughter. Hollingworth has listened to contless tales of grooming, rape (including gang rape) and torture directly from victims, so it’s no surprise if Unthinkable is not only his chronicle of that but also a raw, bleeding part of the author.

Hollington is at pains to point out that the perpetrators are not paedophiles and, of course, he is technically correct. According to the ICD10-10’s sub-Readers Digest shopping lists of symptoms, paedophilia is a preference for sexual activity with prebubescent children.

However, it’s notable that the general public does not enquire whether Jimmy Savile’s victims had developed primary and secondary sexual characteristics at the time of his abuse before labelling him a paedophile, and this is not to be ignored. Neither is the possibility that Hollingworth has been sufficiently traumatised to be suffering a sort of proxy Stockholm syndrome whereby he feels compelled to mitigate the guilt of his interviewees’ abusers.

Of much interest to me was Hollington’s interview of a "hideous man", one of the recruiters, who describes a premeditated, sophisticated syllabus of psychological programming that puts MK Ultra in the shade. This is what our security services need to concentrate on: who ordered brainwashing tolerated on grounds of cultural sensitivity?

Charles Bond
300 words


Unthinkable - 300 words, May 2013

Where do we go from here? - Review of Unthinkable on, May 2013

ICD-10 (The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders) - World Health Organisation

Saturday, 4 May 2013


click for reviews on amazon
Kris Hollington's uncompromising honesty about child sex trafficking in Great Britain makes Unthinkable a difficult read.

About two-thirds of the book treats grooming and rape of underage children by Muslim, mainly Pakistani-heritage, men. But the first of a series of vignettes interlaced between chapters is from my hero, William T. Stead, whose cutting-edge journalism saw the age of consent raised from 13 to 16 in 1885. Stead quotes a detective lamenting that while abusing 13-year-old girls in brothels "ought to raise hell, it does not even raise the neighbours".

Lessons are lost as generations pass; in 1943, when the countries first specialist venereal disease unit for underage girls was opened, a doctor comments "'we had thought it (the prostitution of children) couldn’t happen here'".

I can understand why: the first time I talked with a woman who’d been so desperate to get crack she’d pimped her daughter (who had went on to become a prostitute) I was reluctant to peer into the existential abyss opening up in front of me. But how did the daughter feel? Read Unthinkable.

The one false note was, I thought, Hollington’s treatment of opponents of the institutionalised denial of child grooming gangs. He refers to the English Defence League as "thugs…some [of whom] have been exposed as violent racists". Karen Downes, mother of the murdered Blackpool teenager Charlene (subject of another vignette) by kebab-shop workers credits us with keeping the Establishment from further covering up Charlene’s death. He also paints Melanie Phillips in a racist light, despite quoting a passage in which she affirms that the vast majority of jailed sex offenders are white.

Hollington exposes how the Establishment’s comprehensive failure to protect vulnerable children from abuse is such a tragedy of errors that "it seems as though a sexual predator has designed the current childcare system". Misreading of patriots apart, I recommend Unthinkable thoroughly.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


Click for reviews of Unthinkable on

Police disciplined for blunders in murder case of Charlene Downes - Daily Mail, October 2009

The Rochdale sex ring shows the horrific consequences of Britain's 'Islamophobia' witch-hunt - Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, May 2012

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

why I'll be voting UKIP in the council elections

In April 1979 the Labour administration had to rely on the Conservative Party to help it pass an emergency budget. The Tories, led by Margaret Thatcher, cooperated on condition that 1p was knocked off income tax, allowing them to campaign that even before the election they’d managed to bring down tax.

There’s no cooperation between UKIP and the Coalition Government, but Nigel Farage’s party can lay claim to a not dissimilar feat: without a single MP in Westminster, UKIP’s rising stock with grassroots voters has forced David Cameron to announce he will introduce legislation forcing a referendum on EU membership in 2015.

Of course, we’ve been here before. Both Tories and Liberal Democrats promised to hold an "in-out" referendum, if further powers were passed to the EU, in their 2010 manifestos. They did so with impunity, as Gordon Brown had infamously ratified the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution) in July 2008.

And so we come to this strangest of times: the County Council elections that feel like a General Election. And given the continual drain of power from Westminster to Brussels, successful candidates will have more effect on their constituents’ lives than MPs, and will be working at the coal-face of the EU’s attrition on our lives. Schools becoming babels of foreign languages, communities losing their hearts as the smoking ban closes down pubs, police forces hobbled by cultural sensitivities…the list seems endless.

More than anything, though, please think on how UKIP, although continually increasing in popularity, was thrown into the spotlight as a major player right now. That was because foster-parents in Eastleigh had their East European charges removed by social workers due to their membership of UKIP. Such is the degraded state of democracy in Britain today.

It’s time to start moving back from the abyss. That's why I'll be voting UKIP.

Gerry Dorrian
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