Saturday, 18 May 2013

the fascist campaign against UKIP has begun

There are two ways to view Nigel Farage’s ill-treatment by the thugs of the Radical Independence Campaign.

The proximate cause is that UKIP is a real threat to the Scottish National Party’s predominance in the Scottish Parliament. This predominance owes its existence to the mass of Scottish working-class voters abandoned by the Labour Party who, for better or worse, cannot bring themselves to vote Conservative. UKIP’s participation in Scottish elections mean that the SNP is no longer the only populist non-Labour, non-Conservative party on the block.

However, for a fuller explanation of what was really behind the RIC riot we need to look back to March, to the conference of the so-called Unite Against Fascism. One of the themes of the conference was that "Ukip Must Not Be Allowed To Influence Politics And Immigration" (my italics).

Goebbels: read more and compare to present day
This is the language of fascism. Modern fascism might have rounded corners and polished voices, but its message is still the same: "believe what you want – within the limits we set for you". All three main parties – the lib-lab-con trick who kick the ball to each other to create an illusion of democracy – buy into this view to some extent: witness the junta of party chiefs and unelected Hacked Off members meeting to draft legislation which they hoped would muzzle our free press. Goebbels (right) couldn’t have done a better job.

I’m pretty sure that if there’s an investigation into how and why knuckle-dragging RIC stormtroopers were mobilised the SNP will be implicated at high levels, as well as other parties who feel threatened UK-wide by UKIP. For these reasons, I’m also pretty sure there will be no such investigation. But be in no doubt: the forces of fascism that have uninterruptedly consolidated their power over the British Establishment since 1997 are on the move.

Gerry Dorrian
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