Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Oxford paedophile grooming ring: what about the British institutions protecting them?

The prosecutions of Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce cost the taxpayer in total over £147,500.

Over 700 parliamentary hours were spent debating hunting legislation.

The ongoing investigations into the Andrew Mitchell "Plebgate" affair will take up 3,000 police hours investigating 800 potential witnesses.

My point? Look at the latest child paedophile ring trial, in Oxford. Police and prosecution seem only to have taken the case on because of public fury over the predominance of Muslims in street grooming gangs. There’s certainly more anger over this than over who put the pedal to the metal, how foxes die and who said what at the Downing Street gates. But we don’t yet know how much the prosecutions cost, how much parliamentary time has been spent on Muslim paedophile gangs, and how many police hours were spent interviewing how many witnesses.

The Telegraph – whose article started on the front page then continued on page 4, being trumped by The Great Gatsby ballet, H&M bras and a Facebook party – quotes Mohammed Shafiq of the Ranmadhan foundation as saying that "The majority of Asians from all backgrounds abhor these crimes". Misusing "Asian" as a synonym for "Muslim" is commonplace, but if you go to the press release, Shafiq never actually used the word "Asian". So why did the Telegraph insert it?

The same depressing pattern emerges that Kris Hollington identifies in Unthinkable: girls contacted police and social services who, presumably for reasons of cultural sensitivity, sent them back to be raped. Like primary-school teachers in Islington who did nothing while their charges were forced into marriages, the Mail - in my opinion our only trustworthy national paper - reports that four out of five Oxford social workers knew about the girls’ suffering.

Our child protection system collapses, selectively, depending on the ethnicity of perpetrators. We need to keep up pressure on parliament, police, prosecutors and the press to stop defending abusers.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words


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