Tuesday, 10 September 2013

September 11 2013

This day seems to come about more quickly every year. 9/11 is by no means the only atrocity committed against Western freedoms, but it remains the wake-up call that we enjoy those freedoms - and others aspire to them - only because of the sacrifices made by armed forces and victims of terrorism. For me it's best put by Karl Popper in his 1956 essay The History of our Time: an Optimist's View, in his collection Conjectures and Refutations:
In spite of our great and serious troubles, and in spite of the fact that ours is not the best possible society, I assert that our own free world is by far the best society which has come into existence during the course of human existence.
Let's whisper a prayer today for all who have died in the name of our precious freedoms; including, most recently in my country, Drummer Lee Rigby.

Gerry Dorrian

click for National 9/11 Memorial website

Click for National 9/11 Memorial Website


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