Tuesday, 22 January 2013


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With deniable international organisations, biological warfare, a questionable vaccine and a sleepy (programmed?) torturer's henchman, Utopia is shaping up to be quite satisfactory as far as conspiracy porn goes. All it needs is a posse of Freemasons dancing the can-can, and cries of "House!" on conspiracy bingo will ring out nationwide.

Not that I wouldn’t recommend Utopia. Its research in several areas is solid: for example when two people who have unknowingly stumbled on a dire secret are charged with sex offences concerning minors. David Bellamy recently told the Mail that when the BBC declared him persona non grata because he changed his mind about the anthropogenic origins of climate change he was branded a paedophile – on the grounds that climate change harms children.

The thing about conspiracy, however, is that it generally doesn’t happen in sinister smoky rooms behind closed doors, rather in the one place where it is guaranteed to arouse the least attention: in plain sight.

Consider: since 2004, a program has been in place to change the makeup of the population of Great Britain, with the blessing of the left-liberal media, which brands anybody objecting to the measure, which has never appeared in any electoral manifesto, as "far-right". When members of a particular group of incomers commit a crime – including murder and rape – they can only be imprisoned after a far higher burden of proof has been satisfied than would apply to other suspects. People who object to this are routinely raided, harassed and even imprisoned without charge.

While much that is disreputable occurs sub rosa, many conspiracy theorists worry far too much about what might be going on in the Lodge or Synagogue. When they look, blinking, into the light of day and the abuses carried out therein, they will commence their journey from the stereotypes portrayed in The X-Files and Utopia and start to grow up.

Charles Bond
300 words

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