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socialists groomed a nation, Savile filled his boots

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The Times on Savile
Papers this weekend are running with the narrative that Jimmy Savile "groomed a nation". He did not. He merely reaped the efforts of socialist efforts to sexualise children in order to overturn Judaeo-Christian sexual ethics, so removing the traditional family from the centre of civilised society.

The process started with Marxists Antonio Gramsci and György Lukács, founder members of the Frankfurt School.

Gramsci formulated the concept of cultural hegemony, saying that it wasn’t enough to take over factories; socialism had to inhabit people’s minds. Lukács was already up and running with the praxis, with the world’s first sex-education programme in Hungary in 1919, in the name of “annihilation of the old values”.

The Mirror on Savile
Cultural hegemony is alive and well and is known now as political correctness –it’s a politicised cognitive behavioural therapy, using our language to change our ways of thinking. Children, for example, are routinely referred to as young people or even "little adults", with all the attendant rights, including sexual ones. Lukács’ sex-ed rationale has been given legs by the unelected left-liberal Establishment beyond his wildest dreams, with repeated attempts to visit abusive sex-ed upon infants.

And how child-sexualisers have thrived.

Harriet Harman was legal officer for the Council for Civil Liberties when that body included the Paedophile Information Exchange; she took up the post in 1976, knowing two years earlier the CCL had advised the Government that peadophilia does not always damage children. She’s now Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. Her colleague Margaret Hodge oversaw Islington Borough Council when its care homes were infested by paedophiles pretending to be gay men. Tony Blair made her Minister for Children in 2003.

The narrative that Savile groomed the nation implies we were all to blame. We were not. Savile was the beast, but child-sexualising socialists ensured his rape-rooms were always full.

Gerry Dorrian
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