Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"plebgate": mischief, or coup d'état?

how The Sun reported 'plebgate'
In the "plebgate" row, the then Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell was supposed to have used the epithet after police officers refused to open the main gates of Downing Street to let him through with his bike.

Now, a Channel 4 News investigation casts the conversation into doubt. CCTV footage reveals both that a conversation of the length alleged was unlikely, and that witnesses referred to in the police log, leaked to the Telegraph, simply were not present.

An email sent to John Randall MP by a constituent also appears not only to have been fabricated but not even sent by the signatory, revealed as a serving police officer whom reporter Michael Crick described as "a very frightened man", who mentioned there were "others in the background". Ken Mackaill of the West Mercia Police Federation was shown to have reported dishonestly on a meeting with Mr Mitchell in the light of a Conservative Party Press Officer’s recording of the proceedings.

Mischief? Possibly: officers promoted under Tony Blair’s regime will be senior now, and many would jump at the chance of a senior ministerial scalp.

But what if this goes beyond mischief to the realm of conspiracy? A governmental Chief Whip arguably wields disciplinary powers second only to the Prime Minister. Anybody who can destabilise a Chief Whip could easily do the same to the Government, and a politicised senior police cadre who see the Labour Party as the king over the political waters might well have motive to do so in order to precipitate an election.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said he hoped people would support his actions when they “hear the full story", according to BBC News: I’m sure we’re all waiting with baited breath to hear how he justifies what might just have been the opening shot of a coup d’état.

Charles Bond
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Andrew Mitchell 'stitched up' in plebgate row - video - 4 news

Bernard Hogan-Howe [Matropolitan Police Commisioner] on Andrew Mitchell officer arrest - BBC News

In full: Police log detailing Andrew Mitchell's 'pleb' rant - Daily Telegraph


  1. Or just maybe you are reading too much into it. I think it would be a better article if you could find a link between this and the JFK assassination!

  2. Maybe the crowd that wasn't visible was hiding behind the grassy knoll...

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