Thursday, 13 December 2012

murder by suicide: the war against moderate British Muslims continues

The inquest into the death of former British Library manager Rema Begum has been told that the former British Library manager jumped to her death after a campaign of hate by a stalker who abused her over her "western" lifestyle.

Ms Begum had been described as "happy and bubbly", but suffered personality changes apparently resulting from the stalking, becoming depressed and forming an idea that she was "impure" after person or persons unknown sent a barrage of hate-male to both her and her parents. She "calmly" jumped from the Coq d’Argent restaurant in London.

If the facts above leave you nonplussed, it may clear things up a little to know that Ms Begum was a Muslim living a westernised life. It’s also surely not insignificant that she lived in Islington, a borough whose level of Islamisation has sunk to such depths that nine-year-old girls have been found in forced marriages there.

Rema Begum represented that which Islamism hates and fears most: a Muslim woman who had found happiness in integration.

This underlines the madness of the Establishment policy of trying to sideline patriots like the English Defence League by labelling us racists and fascists, when the freedoms of conscience, speech, association and worship we are trying to save are only meaningful if they are applied to everybody within these shores. When we struggle for these freedoms we do so not just for ourselves but for everybody, including those who came here for a better life but instead found themselves persecuted by the beard-and-burqa imperialists they sought to escape.

A country where one group of people are subject to oppression cannot call itself free. But freedom is costly: witness Rema Begum’s martyrdom in the cause of liberty. May she rest in peace in heaven – she’s been dragged through hell here.

Gerry Dorrian
300 words

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