Monday, 28 May 2012

groundbreaking interview shows Asians will not be silenced

Tommy Robinson: click for interview in Asian Tribune

Over the weekend, an interview with English Defence League members and its founder Tommy Robinson (right) emerged that was groundbreaking, for two reasons.

Firstly, the interview was with the Asian Tribune. This might not seem earth-shattering to some, especially Asian EDL members. To others, however, Asians appear increasingly sinister because journalists (with honourable exceptions such as Melanie Phillips) refuse to recognise the child-grooming gang crisis for what it is, branding all Muslim paedophiles "Asian".

Secondly, the conclusion of the interviewer – Glen Jenvey – was that the EDL "was not racist as I had met both black and Asian members". The problem is that many black and Asian members cannot make themselves known because of risks from the communities they live in.

This last point is key to understanding the threat that some organisations feel the EDL poses to them. For example, while the fraudulently-named Unite Against Fascism caricatures us as a band of Breiviks, their real fear is that we are a diverse and inclusive organisation promoting the equality of all before the British law. As such, we threaten those whom UAF exists to protect: predatory male Muslims.

Sayeeda Warsi: click for an example of the witchhunt

Consider Baroness Sayeeda Warsi’s present trial by media. What this is really about is that she is one of the few Westminster politicians to speak out about Pakistani men grooming children for sex.

And, crucially, she’s a Muslim. As long as the dominant mode of Islam in Great Britain benefits predatory males, its being reimagined by those it oppresses – all of us, but principally Muslim women and children – endangers it.

The UAF and its founders, including Warsi’s boss David Cameron, are committed to silencing this threat. Which is why Cameron and the UAF are driven to distraction by the thought of Asians buying into the EDL, which is not racist, not violent, AND WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Gerry Dorrian
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  1. Good article. thank you .. I always said that it was time for Asians and others to stand against these types.. It is better for all when they do it.. God bless them and protect those that are this brave.. This is a battle we all will be fighting in the next few years but I would rather we all wer in it and not just one race or group. It's a heavy uphill struggle always but let's not do it alone. If you see something wrong about a situation or groups ways we ALL should be brave enough to say "Stop, that's enough" or "That's wrong" .. God help all of us to stand for goodness and kindness and the ages old axiom "Let us live and let others live also".. This particular group is not letting others live peacefully in this world as they should be doing.. God is not surprised that there is that much evil in the world but it shocks the hell out of the rest of us. I say "NO".. One set of people is NOT better or "higher" than another to squash the world under it's ill begotten thumb. God help us to do what we have to do to put a stop to it.

  2. You are Spending to much time in the divisions of this Immigrate Community that Pollutes our Kingdom of the UK.
    I do love these peoples but in there Own Countrys of there Ancestor's,But not in ours.
    For they have deep effected the True Ancestral People of the UK Kingdom,in many areas of our Social Society. Jobs,Housing,Health care, and Religions. Which in turn has effected the whole of this Country including the European ones that are Busting at the seams. That's the bottom line for your Government's have made a Rod for your back and enforcing it by the taxes you Pay.
    There can be no sitting on the Fence about Racism,we Love other Races but not Polluting our own country at the expense of are own peoples.

    1. Art, certain forms of Islam will always be a danger to the West no matter how many or how few of their adherents live here. The best bulwark against these will be a form of Islam, which has started emerging in Australasia, which velues women and children as equals to men and not their possessions.

      I don't agree that other races pollute our country, because the whole concept of race was cooked up in order to legitimise slavery. What "pollutes" our country is when colonialist, imperialist forms of Islam see our lands as their own and us as an obstacle to them owning our lands.