Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eurovision 2012: Graham Norton's BNP remark spoils the show

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Many acts in Eurovision 2012 that were probably discreetly told not to win because there was no money to stage the 2013 contest, but I’m sure Engelbert Humperdink wasn’t one of them. So it was disappointing to see him come second last – but nobody can say that he didn’t belt it out like a good’un.

There was more Euro-mediocrity than usual, probably because of the aforementioned fiscal diffidence. But Ukraine’s entry was reassuringly nuts, and I hope the Buranovskiye Babushki – the Russian Grannies – manage to rebuild their village church, destroyed by Stalin. Turkey eschewed its usual belly-dancers for a testosterone-charged piece about piracy in what looked unsettlingly like a declaration of intent.

Eurovision winner Loreen: click for website

Sweden’s techno entry didn’t float my boat, but as the only performer who met Azerbainjani human rights activists, perhaps Loreen (right) deserved her victory.

However, Britain’s TV host Graham Norton spoiled this year’s contest for me. Co-host Leyla Alieva had been good enough to go up to speak to Engelbert in the Green room and ask how he was. Then British fans did the same as those of any other country, ie raised the national flag and cheered. Norton’s summary of the report was, "there’s the British contingent – they sound like a BNP rally".

click for BBC1 Eurovision coverage, narrated by graham Norton

Norton (left) thus revealed himself as a leftist BBC toadie, totally unlike his predecessor, Sir Terry Wogan. In comparing flag-waving patriots to racist extremists, especially as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee approaches and Union Jacks proliferate, he himself flies the flag of middle-class internationalism so necessary for success in the contemporary BBC.

click for BBC Radio 2 Eurovision coverage with Ken Bruce

Concerning Britain’s ranking, radio Eurovision commentator Ken Bruce (right) hit the nail on the head: "as long as voting for each other’s neighbours goes on, can we do much better than [second place]…the UK must question if it wants to be in the UK in the future".

Gerry Dorrian
300 words

Click for BBC1 coverage of Eurovision 2012 - Graham Norton's BNP comment starts at 1.00.00 (exactly 1 hour in)

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  1. nortons nothing but a communist knob idiot

  2. Send a good song! Jade Ewen came 5th a mere three years ago. Get your facts right before making daft assumptions.

  3. I agree with the first Anonymous far more than the second anonymous!

    My post was about Graham Norton's remark about British Engelbert supporters sounding "like a BNP rally", and also about the dodgy ethics of allowing a dictator to use the Eurovision to legitimise his tyranny.

    Personally, I think Engelbert's song deserved better than second-last place. But the main reasons for wanting us to secede from the EBU are those given above.


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