Sunday, 16 June 2013

anathema and the New Fascist Inquisition

There was a time in the Catholic Church when to be anathematised for holding unsanctioned beliefs was to be declared apart from the church. Since the church then composed the major part of society, this meant that the excommunicant couldn’t buy or sell or take an active part of the community. When the Inquisition came on the scene, anybody anathematised/excommunicated lost the right to freedom and even life.

Use of exclusion as a control strategy, when practiced by later regimes, would be known as fascism. The Inquisition is back, is situated in secular life, and is no less fascist for its main driver being known as “Unite Against Fascism”.

In this week’s Sunday Telegraph Andrew Gilligan exposes how the UAF practice fascism, under the leadership of Muslim supremacist Azid Ali, to deny a voice to those they disagree with on the basis of the circular argument that people they disagree with must be "fascists".

In the name of anti-fascism, says Gilligan, they desecrated a war memorial in Oxford; and the Cambridge News unquestioningly quoted Cambridge UAF leader Richard Rose as saying that we’d be "goose-stepping" through the town to remember Gunner lee Rigby at our war memorial. So where was the picture of EDL members goose-stepping? Perhaps there are none?

The new fascist inquisition doesn’t stop at persecuting patriots; if you dare dissent from, say, the authorised opinion on Europe, foreign affairs or the causes of climate change, the cry of anathema sit! arises. Remember when David Bellamy was branded a paedophile on the grounds that his changed views on climate change were harmful to children?

We cannot allow the new fascist inquisitors to push us out of community and political life. To their attempted cleansing of dissenting voices from each and every aspect of public life we must respond with ¡No pasarán!

Gerry Dorrian
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