Wednesday, 3 April 2013

the n-word: is Sajjid Karim's real target democracy?

Did UKIP leader Nigel Farage mention the n-word in a 2005 conversation? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But I'm sure many of us await proof from Sajjid Karim MEP, who made the allegation on Facebook.

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Then again, racist comedian Frankie Boyle was not only alleged to have said the n-word, but broadcast it to the nation in his Tramadol Nights and was awarded telephone-money compensation for being called a racist because of his defence that he is an "anti-racist". Confused? Join the club.

So why is an eight-year-old allegation being recycled now? I think we need to look no further than March’s national conference of the so-called Unite Against Fascism, which the Huffington Post summed up with its headline "UKIP must not be allowed to influence politics and immigration."

I add the emphasis to identify UAF’s real target: not UKIP, but democracy. In a democratic society, we vote for who we think can best run the country, city, region or village, and - crucially - we recognise that other people have the right to vote for candidates we disapprove of.

This comes on the heels of the controversy over Paolo di Canio’s appointment as manager of Sunderland. Having played for Celtic, Sheffield Wednesday, West Ham and Charlton Athletic and managed Swindon with no fuss, former miners are being agitated because he may hold views that middle-class socialists who so detest blue-collar culture disagree with.

Karim’s Facebook message to UKIP sounds like a UAF declaration of intent: "Bring it on Farage - we're ready for you in the north west". Must we be prepared to defend ourselves and others at the ballot-box if we look like we might practice what Karim and the UAF stormtroopers consider the wrong sort of democracy?

click to go to Sajjad Karim's facebook page

Gerry Dorrian
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