Saturday, 24 November 2012

the UKIP two: political child-snatching in Rotherham

With the news that a Rotherham couple have had their foster-children snatched by social-workers because of their membership of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), yet more lights go out on British democracy.

Child-snatching on political grounds started with Toni McLeod, who fled to Ireland when social-workers threatened to remove her baby at birth because she supported the English Defence League, on grounds that the child would be "radicalised" by her beliefs.

At one time Ms McLeod had not been an advert for good motherhood, but that’s the point. Oppression of a population always starts on the margins of what the chattering-classes deem acceptable, and moves inwards once a bridgehead for the erosion of basic rights has been established. Two of those rights are freedom of association and freedom of speech: it’s no coincidence that Julia Layton defines two of fascism’s defining marks thus: "people cannot gather without permission, and they can't say anything negative against the State".

I use the word fascist advisedly. How else to describe a social services system which, reflecting the wider Establishment, stands by while children are abused but snatches vulnerable children from "exemplary" foster-parents on political grounds?

The Rotherham social-workers’ defence is that UKIP has "racist" policies. This implies that such a thing as race exists, and furthermore that patriots associate problems with immigration with certain skin-colours, as opposed to people importing cultures corrosive to our traditions whatever the amount of melatonin in their skin.

What next? If I agree with Tory MP Kris Hopkins that Muslim gangs are "grooming and raping white kids" will my children be snatched, and evidence that I read about it in the Daily Mail used against me in proceedings? Even a year ago that might have seemed a paranoid fantasy, but now it just seems a continuation of policy.

Gerry Dorrian
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Click to view the Children's and Young People's Services page on the Rotherham Borough Council website

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