Sunday, 15 July 2012

...and in pictures: EDL Bristol demo July 2012

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It was good to bear witness to our opposition to the creeping Islamicisation of Great Britain in such a picturesque place as Bristol. Here the march passes the medieval facade of St Mary Redcliffe.

Also beautiful to see were the Georgian terraced houses overlooking the coach park next to the river Avon.

The concerns of ordinary Bristol people were on the agenda;

Including concerns about decent Muslims trying to make Bristol a home where they could escape from extremism. The Daily Mail had caught Bristol Imam Mohammed Abdul advocating Female Genital Mutilation, saying girls don't need a clitoris. (Click to read more about fgm)

The demo was held on the same day as the Bristol Gay Pride, and everybody was aware of the fight by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people for equal rights, rights that sharia law strives to negate along with those of many other people;

June, a transsexual and long-standing member of the EDL, said from the podium that nobody chooses to be gay or transsexxual, and that she was proud to be a member of the English Defence League because of its emphasis on equal rights for everybody under British law.

She'd been introduced by Kev Carroll, who excoriated the Government for its proposed axing of a 20,000 soldiers, a fifth of the army's strength; and added, to cheers, that the entire cadre of ministers in Westminster weren't worth the life of one member of the Forces.

Tony Curtis congratulated the approcimately 1,000 attendees for coming despite death-threats and the police discovery of machetes, firearms and a, IED that had been intended for the EDL demo in Dewsbury.

The so-called Unite Against Fascism seem to think that they are the inheritors of the real antifascists who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War, and have misappropriated their slogan. They either do not see or refuse to admit that the Islamists, if allowed to implement sharia law in Great Britain, would surpass even Franco's cruelty and totalitarianism;

An EDL supporter got among them and hung an EDL flag near their banner. The UAF turned violent and police threw a protective cordon around our lad - they were brilliant;

And while they insisted that EDL demonstrators couldn't cover their faces, they did the same to a UAF protestor who was covering his.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, herre's a few more!

Gerry Dorrian

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  1. well done EDL.......your voice is loud and clear and the locals applaud and and cheer