Thursday, 3 November 2011

did James Brokenshire order a man's life pulled apart?

Did a senior Conservative MP order police and financial authorities to put such pressure on the voluntary head of a human-rights group that he has lost his house, is facing bankruptcy and is now looking on as his family bear the fallout?

That’s the question now being asked after the release of the "November video diary" of English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, who (in a section from 5:30-8:15 in the video) claims to have been the recipient of leaked Home Office minutes between James Brokenshire MP and another MP.

According to Robinson, the minutes state that Mr Brokenshire, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Crime and Security at the Home Office and a member of the National Security Council, proposed proposed that the Home Office work with "a range of partners to address the driver of the EDL" in order to "minimise our problems".

These problems are certainly multiplying for the Government, who face new exposés of political appeasement in the face of Islamists on an almost daily basis, most of them coming from the EDL, which outlived the security forces’ prognosis of a six-month life span two years ago.

If Robinson is telling the truth and the minutes are genuine, then this goes far beyond a debate about the EDL: anybody who becomes a thorn in the side of the Establishment has cause for fear. For example, there’s Christopher Booker, the Telegraph journalist who is regularly criticised by judges for publicising abuse of power by social workers who snatch children, and the leaders of the Patients’ Association, who show just how devoid of roses the NHS garden is.

I believe Tommy Robinson tells the truth. I voted Conservative because I believe they’re big enough to answer their critics face to face. So what happens now? Watch this space.

Gerry Dorrian
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  1. But he isn't telling the truth.

  2. Human rights group?

  3. the tax evasion charges pre-date the EDL

  4. Oh boo hoo!! Whiney little scrote shouldn't go around with his racist thug "street movement" stirring up shit. Let's all hope he cannot resist getting into more trouble and ding his time!

  5. Volunteer head of a human rights movement!! Self imposed leader of a gang of thugs more like. I'm sure Amnesty International are now on the case what?

  6. Didn't they try to get Amnesty involved when he was jailed for a week for breaking his bail conditions?

    "Put pressure on the police and financial authorities?"

    So did the police made him assault that guy in Blackburn? Did the police make him assault his girlfriend? Did the police make him kick an officer in the head as he was trying to arrest him? Did the police make him carry out a number of random acts of football-related violence? Did the financial authorities make him evade paying his tax?

    Lennon was quite capable of doing all the above without help from the authorities!

    The bloke who wrote this 'thesis' is a complete and utter clown!

  7. Human rights organisation? surely you are having a laugh,the self elected leader of this organisation is nothing but a rabble rouser who is costing this country a lot of money and wasting police resources every time he takes his disciples on a hate fest, and his organisation is causing problems not curing them.

  8. When he was charged with money laundering and mortgage fraud last year, they wanted his accounts going back to 2004 when he bought his house:
    The alleged fraud has not happened within the last two years. He claims he put £90,000 down on five properties and was "loaded". Now where does a 21 year-old get £90,000 from, unless they're a footballer or something? He says he was a "successful young businessman" - remember this man boasts about being "working class" all the time - and the tax office think he only had so much money through avoiding paying tax.

    Then there are the money laundering charges, which it has been alleged involve him using his tanning salon to launder money from the sale of illegal drugs. I emphasise alleged, but even if the drug dealing is just a rumour, the money laundering charge would mean that he is accused of making money by illegal means and then using a legitimate business to cover it up.

    Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson) himself admits they wanted his accounts going back to 2004, so in that case the investigation into him goes back five years before the EDL even existed.

    Then there are his previous convictions: he was inside for a year from 18th April 2005 for assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a police officer. That's four years before the EDL existed. He also was/is a member of the Luton Town MIGS (Men In Gear) football hooligan firm.

    In which case why is it considered to be persecution when he gets arrested and charged for assaulting a police officer, convicted of leading football hooligans in a fight and found guilty of head-butting someone? And he did actually head-butt someone, because one of the EDL speakers at the demo Davey Gorton, AKA "Neddy D Kelly", witnessed it and was bragging about how Lennon/Robinson head-butted Alan McKee harder then he'd ever seen, because McKee called him a grass to his face.

    The bit where he said that the EDL threatening to shut down towns over Christmas and that being used as a bad character reference against him, is actually true: The letter was written by his PA Helen Gower and here she is admitting to it: The story of councils banning Christmas and replacing it with "Winterval" has no basis in fact and is a rumour started by right wing tabloids. In effect the EDL would turn up and disrupt the Carols in the Square Concert, because it wasn't called the "Christmas Carols in the Square Concert". This comes from the people who think "Season's Greetings" written on Christmas cards is a recent development and appeasement of Muslims, when in fact it dates back to the 1920s and has its origins in Victorian times with "Compliments of the Season"!

  9. The whole pack of lies about the EDL being a human rights group is just plain sick. How many human rights groups demand the death penalty for treason, especially when "treason" means holding an opinion they disagree with? If you don't believe that Islam is a threat to Britain and are happy with multiculturalism, then you're a traitor who deserves death says the EDL. That's especially true if you are a politician or are left wing politically.

    The EDL also want a ban on the construction of mosques, a specific ban on Muslim cultural practices and want Islam "reformed", i.e. changed to suit the tastes of the EDL.

    Let's see what genuine human rights legislation says: the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Article 7.
    All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

    Article 18.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    Article 19.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    How many human rights organisations actually oppose the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights as one of their main objectives?

    Also Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson has publicly declared that "Islam's days in this nation are numbered" and has called for immigration and birth restrictions to be imposed on Muslims.

    The UN defines genocide as "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group... deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group"

    That's as well as the many EDL supporters who call for a civil war (or even a global war) to exterminate Muslims in the UK. So how many human rights organisations are lead by people who advocate ethnic cleansing and genocide and are full of people who look forward to a genocidal war in the next 10 to 20 years? "Human rights" to the EDL is like their "freedom of speech": human rights and freedom of speech for the EDL only. To put it simply, if you exercise your human rights to live in a way that the EDL hold offensive or hold an opinion that is critical of the EDL, then you deny the EDL their human rights and freedom of speech, so says the EDL.

  10. >According to Robinson, the minutes state that Mr Brokenshire, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Crime and Security at the Home Office and a member of the National Security Council, proposed proposed that the Home Office work with "a range of partners to address the driver of the EDL" in order to "minimise our problems".<

    Yes, according to Robinson who also claimed that Richard Price was not a child sex offender and had been set up, and then tried to disown him by denying Price was a founder of the EDL, despite having previously named him as a founder. Robinson who is the head of an organisation that raises money for charity, then keeps it. Robinson who uses a pseudonym. Robinson who said Muslims are having 8 children each, but then changed that a few months later to 4.4 children each. Robinson who invents verses from the Koran and says it's evil, despite never having read it. Robinson who denied Breivik had anything to do with the EDL. Robinson who live on TV denied knowing Daryl Hobson, but despite not knowing him knew he'd been arrested on the same day as Hobson and had had his photo taken with him. Robinson who is being investigated for fraud and money laundering, and has a history of dishonesty and criminality. Yeah that Robinson, that bastion of the truth.

  11. Anonymous, re your comments:

    - You don't believe him, I do. We disagree, it happens. That's why I hope there is an official enquiry re this, to try to get to the truth.

    - Street movement? Thanks to the EDL Radical Islam - which hurts honest, decent Muslims more than anybody else - is on the agenda like never before.

    - There have been arrests, mostly for people having too much to drink or getting out of control. Compare with pre-meditated violence committed by movements marching on London since late last year and I think you'll find who are the real thugs.

    - Re the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, check out the ambitions of those who wish Sharia courts to have more powers and the rights accorded to women in full-on Sharia courts abroad. Then check out Radical Islamist ambitions for the West in relation to the definition of genocide you quote.

    - I wouldn't be part of a movement that called for a civil or global war, as like Tommy Robinson I believe in peaceful protest. I think you're confusing us with the BNP, check out their policies and you'll find they are firmly situated in the Left.

    - Whiney little what? I think I'll stop there, any other comments containing these words or similar will be deleted. Some of us have standards.

  12. The EDL has far more justification to define itself as a human rights organisation than any muslim organisation has the right to define itself as a religion or charity. Islam is a political party, modelled after a paedophile pirate, who took 20% of the booty from his slave-mongering terrorists.

    Furthermore, all 56 Islamic states in the world rejected the UN Declaration of Human Rights. All human rights are subordinated to sharia law i.e. they are not human rights, they are muslim rights. From the time of Mohammed until the end of the 20 th century, islamic law has declared that slavery is not only legal under islam, but it is moral.

    Yet none of the craven, racist left-wing hypocrites who defend islam at any and every opportunity would ever dare point out the hypocrisy of The Islamic Human Rights Commission. That organisation knows full well that there are no human rights in islam, but they still use our own principles to undermine our democracy and human rights.

    The left shows infinitely more concern about criticising the EDL than they show in criticising the islamic nazi party Hizb ut Tahrir. Whilst EDL can get 3,000 people to a demo, Hizb ut Tahrir's wembley conference had 10,000 people at it. And the media and the left remain silent about HuT.

    We know who the true hypocrites are. It's people like this anonymous fool.