Friday, 14 October 2011

a paedophile joke for Ricky Gervais

click to go to the Channel 4 site for the show"Ricky is quite at home delivering thought-provoking rants and tongue-in-cheek political incorrectness about subjects as diverse as religion, racism and obesity."

Thus Channel 4 advertises Ricky Gervais' one-man show "Science", in which he states "racism and homophobia are borne of fear and I’ve never been part of them." This at the end of a show laced with elements of racism and homophobia: political correctness is the opposite of truth, and Gervaise’s statement is a boilerplate declaration designed to put the politically correct gatekeepers of our media back to sleep.

What really offended about Gervais’ show, however, were the jokes about paedophilia. He defended himself by saying that he’d never joke about paedophilia to a known paedophile…so what’s he doing telling these jokes on TV? I’m sure the beasts in the special cells had a whale of a time listening to him.

But I’ve decided at long last that if you can’t beat them, join them. I’ve written a joke about a paedophile for Gervais, whose lengthy rant about Noah and God being in a homosexual relationship assures me his courage will hold in front of all religions equally.

History records that Mohammed married Aisha when she was six and first had sex with her three years later, and a simple exegesis shows that the consummation took place before she had first menstruated. She was, if fact, in every way a little girl.

So here’s the joke: Mohammed goes into a bar, but sees a sign saying "only adults served here", so he walks out disappointed.

What do you think? Will Gervaise have the bottle to tell the joke on TV?

If you have been offended by anything in this post, I suggest you take a look at what you are doing to rid our national life of the filth infesting it.

Joe Daniels
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  1. i think gervais might be hiding in plain sight. what better way is there? worked for savile and his cohorts.